apology to all

Jenny Hyun has been admitted to a hospital today.   She is a paranoid schizophrenic and has been battling mental illness, a debilitating disease for many years.
Friends and family of Jenny want to extend their sincere apology for any harmful statements made verbally or via the web that Jenny has made while she was in the height of a psyshosis episode.   We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for her.

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147 thoughts on “apology to all

    • Her only mistake was getting married to a jewish guy who did not help her out before it got so bad. Typical jewish behavior. Jsut marry the women as a trophy wife and don’t really help her when she needs it most

      • Seriously ? You reply to a racist attack by another racist attack ?
        You’re really just as bad as her.

    • Hi Jenny not sure if you remember me. I emailed you links years ago to when you appeared on MTV. I just want to let you know I became a huge fan when I was 13 and now I am 24 and still a huge fan regardless of your comments.

      It is undeniable that your voice is amazing. No one can deny that! Don’t let their words bring you down. Everyone makes mistakes and I believe you made those comments in the heat of the moment. If it wasn’t because of the heat of the moment I don’t care I don’t hate you. I know most people have made a racist remark, whether it was said in a joke or not. I believe you still need to apologize when you get better. but that’s up to you. Mayweather should also apologize I am not sure if he has either. I wi ll always support you no matter what. I have made a few mistakes in the past and I know a persong can change it is possible. If you ever need a friend to talk to I am here and I know she still has fans. Like your song says, failure is not an option. You can still be the person you want to be. Everyone is being way too harsh. Love Cess and yes I am Asian and yes you ate still beautiful

      • Sorry for the typig errors, it was auto dictionary from posting on my phone.

        Waiting for your big come back. We miss you xxx

    • I’d marry her asap! I do have some minor insight into this illness as I do know its not a life long illness and people do get cured from it. I do know that some of them hate taking the medicine as they miss the super natural highs that it makes them feel like its teh best thing in the world. When you are on the upswing its better than sex,drugs,rock’n roll,little puppies and bunnies have nothing on a bi polar high and really makes you feel like you are the best with the best feelings one could ever get. So I think she misses those moments of feeling like in heaven. But I think she does need to get back on medication and a better lover. Her current man she is with is pure 1000% crap. A man should be truly helping her and this proves he was not there to support her. She needs to move back to Virginia and be around REAL chingu!

  1. They might as well just bury her under the hospital & leave her there. She seems to have more issues than one can solve in an entire lifetime.

  2. Well no one know who you where anyway and your racist ass certainly killed whatever “career” you may have had. now we are led to believe you were crazy the only thing I’m confused with is I thought it was a woman who made these racist remarks. Not some ugly ass man.

  3. Funny a day after all that stuff she said…Now they want it to seem like it’s a mental illness that has been occurring for several years, sounds like BS.Seems like your lawyers are protecting you with this disconnected apology.We know the game.The true faker that YOU are. You cannot hide the true desire within you mind and heart.

  4. Hey there Jenny. Got wind of your ignorant tweets regarding black people base on some bullshit said by one black person, Floyd Mayweather. Who knew that one black person can somehow unleash this barrage of hate towards and entire race of people. And you are an ignorant bitch at that. Also, sweetheart never in your wildest dreams will you ever reach the level fo success achieved by Whitney Houston. You can dwell on the substance abuse all you want, but the fact remains that Whitney is and will forever be a worldwide icon. Can’t think of an asian female or male singer who have had a massive worldwide success in the music field. And FYI, you are not physically beautiful darling and I don’t say that because I am disgusted with your comments. You’re just not.

    So, dumb bitch why not attack the white race. After all I’m sure you must take offense to the white sportswriter who refer to Jeremey Lin as a “Chink in Armor,” or the white illustrator who drew a picture of Jeremey appearing from a fortune cookie. Oh, wait you gotta check out the conservative, predominately white news sites that label Jeremey a token, slant gook. I mean, that has got to piss you off. Oh wait, I forgot Asians are too busy wishing they were white.

    Oh yes, a world full of Asians. You want to do a history lesson, lets go bitch. First and foremost in America and around the world, whites are the ones doing the mooching and leeching. Don’t let some bullshit of welfare dictate an entire imagery of blacks when whites are the largest population on welfare, doing drugs, and in the criminal system in America. Don’t even try to challenge me on my country’s history.

    You talk about slavery and neglected the slave and sex labor by Asians in favor to their European masters during the early part of the 19th century. Lets revisit the grotesque child labor, human rights violations, counterfeit businesses, unnecessary violent conflicts in ALL Asian countries around the world. Oh, my favorite are the white soldiers from Europe and America who enjoyed raping women and girls and killing entire families for the sake of entertainment. All the while I’m sure your people sat on their asses saying, “That’s okay. I still like me white folks. I still wish I was white. Me white folks, me white folks.” I swear Asians and your backward sense of blacks being the problem of the world. Sweetheart, take a good long look at the AIDS statistics. Asia is also a dominant representation of AIDS in the global population.

    The fact remain is this, Asians don’t count in the Global world. Look at the responses and comments by whites in reference to disasters hitting Asia such as the Tsunami in Japan. Whites don’t care for you. And in the world of global entertainment, THERE ARE NO ASIANS on the levels of Whitney Houston and ANY black entertainer living or dead. YOU JUST DON’T COUNT except in your own country and who gives a flying FUCK about K-Pop!

    There are no Asian leaders constantly reference like black leaders – and you can mock it all you want, but the fact remain is this: people are obsess with blacks. You try like hell to demean my race while uplifting your sense of false superiority in a shitty country with equally shitty politics and entertainment where your biggest sports star is a figure skater who is barely acknowlege in the global world of sports, let alone America?

    So, you on with your “story” of being a crazed bitch. Bottom line is this, your race may have a very large world population, but you are invisible, irrelevant, and nothing more but a sad mockery of insecure, ignorant, slant eye drones dreaming of becoming the next Carrie Underwood look alike.

    • U say this racist comments come from floyde may weather . But you are now doing the same thing ! U are being racist twords Asian! Because of what Jenny said . U are stupid and white people do care for Asian people ! I’m half korean half Hungarian , so I know both side to this argument.dont try to get mad at some one for being racist by being racist! That is the worst way to make your point.

      • I think the two of you need a reality check. Every culture is racist and one culture is not superior to other cultures. I don’t understand why people cannot get that into their self righteous ignorant brain. Kelly, I understand your anger because those comments that were made by Jenny Huyn were ignorant and even as an Asian I was embarrassed that someone could say such stupid things. However, I’m sick and tired of other races saying we want to be White. Many of us are tired of being the Model Minority, Asians have their own history and culture and we are no Uncle Toms. Do we place importance on success and education? Yes, but that does not mean we want to be “White”. We are not invisible and calling us slant eye drones does not make you a better person for it. You are basically acting like Jenny, so if that is what you strived for then good for you.
        Will Kim, there are white people that care for us and there are white people that look at us like how Kelly does. So what, if you are half Hungarian? Doesn’t mean anything except that you are half Hungarian. The world is an ugly place filled with hate and fear of the unknown. No one ever tries to end this vicious cycle. Like Ghandi once said “An eye for an eye makes the world go BLIND”.

    • Wow… You just made Jenny look good with that post. Your words were probably more racist and backwards than hers. All this post seems to be about it how great black people are and how bad Asian people suck.

      You just made me a believer in Jenny. Nice job!

    • you are doing the same thing. you are no better than jenny hyun at this level.

      you are simply reciprocating the hate. use your brain miss.
      a wrong plus a wrong dont make a right.

    • You insult Jenny for being racist and then go on a racist tirade against whites? You’re as bad as Jenny, at least she told the truth.. Hopefully not all blacks are as racist as you. Check the FBI statistics. Blacks are 60X more likely to commit violent crimes or stealing than whites. Far more blacks are on drugs than whites. Blacks only succeed in White countries. Check out Africa (no wqhitey – blacks are starving) vs America (OUR country, you guys are doing ok). You are wrong, America is not your country. It was established as a white country. You were our slaves, and now that slavery is done, we don’t need you here any more. Hopefully you’ll all be back in Africa, starving, soon..

  5. I just found out about you tonight, and I can totally sympathize with you, I too suffer from paranoia, and have thought for a long time i might be shizoid as well, you are not alone. I have made mistakes in the past where I insulted co-workers, (one time jokingly calling my asian boss a ‘”yellow tail” while she was eating some sushi :X, she didnt think it was very funny) almost losing jobs, and making life uncomfortable for myself by offending people for superficial reasons… so i know exactly how u feel, we get a kind of rush from telling it how it is, but its important to remember not to focus on the negative, always try to see the best in people and not the worst, even if the worst is there… just dont make the mistake again, and remember, some times bad publicity can be made into good publicity, if you stay true to yourself, which im sure is inherently good and not hateful, youll get through this a bigger better person than before.

    God bless you and take good care of yourself

    Concerned Citizen M

    • you know.. I was very angry and ashamed that a Korean would say such mean things towards another race. I was ranting hate towards her..

      However, after reading your comment and looking back at what ive learned in my abnormal psych course.. If she is really suffering from this mental disease, I really do hope she gets better and understands that what she did was not socially acceptable.. It made me think that maybe this outrage from the masses is what causes people to have a stigma against the idea of being mentally ill..and thus do not get help..

      I hope people stop with the name calling because they are just being mean. And if they too are not mentally ill, then they are worse, being mentally “stable” people they are, than jenny hyun, if she does in fact have the illness.

  6. What a cop out. Go on a racist tirade and the world reacts negatively so you hide behind mental illness to disguise the fact you’re an ugly human being. My mother is a paranoid schizophrenic and she sure hasn’t called for a black holocaust.

    • you do know that there are various degrees of that disease right?..

      and how do you know she hasnt ever said racist things towards others when not around you?

  7. I feel there was no justification for her behavior. Mental illness or not. She knew exactly what she said and the racist comments were not warrented and without merit. Her ignorance and unprofessionalism as an artist showed me I will and would never purchase or listen to her music. Ever! Hopefully she can find forgiveness within herself and find closure with her bigotted statements. Before you make statements about people of color, especially African Americans try to befriend one or read the “true history” about them. Don’t allow the media and European rhetoric define your ideology about a group of people.

  8. Are you sure this isn’t Jenny writing this? Does your pride and conceited mind not allow you to see your own faults and actions? Girl.. You have to write a blog stating that your family and friends are apologizing for you on your behalf… Right.. Hopefully this experience helps you to grow as a person. Reading your rant the other day, I was so embarrassed for you. Learn how to be fucking humble. Yea, you write songs for popular girl groups in Korea with your talent blah blah. Honestly honey, those are the songs everyone skips on the album. Ouch. Did my words hurt you? Why don’t you think twice before you speak again ‘cuz you are a disgrace to the Korean-American race. And maybe even Asians in general. I often ask myself why aren’t there many Asian role models in America? Cuz whenever someone like Jeremy Lin who is respectable comes into the picture, a thirsty fame whore has to ruin the image of asians with her filthy mouth and bigot of a mind. #keepinitreal.

  9. There is a word in German that I like that sums up this kind of weak response to such outrageous behaviour.
    Stier scheisse

    And if she truly is ill, that only allowed what was in her heart to come out.

    너무 감사합니다!

  10. Oh it was because of psychosis. That explains it. Yeah just let that excuse be the reason why your psychosis leads you to hang yourself. We understand. Your oblivious and completely lack of respect for your own culture and history can be blamed on the fact that you’re a lying dumbass. kill yourself bitch.

  11. your apology (which is really just a non-apology, as it just stops short of taking responsibility for what was done and in fact just makes excuses) is NOT accepted. Try again. #fail

  12. This pathetic woman does not need help. At least not from this world. She needs Jesus. Before she decides to open her mouth, she needs to think and reflect about not only what she is saying, but who she is speaking about. Because let’s be honest: Asians aren’t the only people who listen and love Korean music. African Americans… BLACK PEOPLE, such as myself, listen and love these songs, too. And it’s a shame because she has severely tarnished all the hard work people have put into Girls Generation. She’s tarnished the work the girls have done themselves. I can never listen to their music again without thinking about the painful things she has said. She deserves to be fired from her position. She doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance at this dream job. She doesn’t appreciate what she has been blessed with and chooses to belittle the people who also support her music. I had a very good day at work today, but after my friend updated me with this madness…. it’s safe to say that although my day isn’t completely ruined, it has been (say it with me) “tarnished”. It’s sad that her apology wasn’t genuine. I really wish it was. That way I could chalk it up to her just having an angry moment.

    I have friends who are also sick and they never say or do the things this woman has done. When a person is schizophrenic and are off their medication, their choice of words are sporadic, bizarre, and random. Her words and hate were focused and controlled. In my humble opinion, this woman does not deserve to continue to work in the music industry. I will no longer support SNSD / Girls Generation. I will also tell my friends not to support this group. No one associated with this pathetic woman will get any of my American dollars.

    And just a side note: what she said about Whitney Houston was totally unjust. I mean come on! The woman is dead! She’s not even here to defend herself!

    I would really like to just cut loose and knock this bitch’s block off her shoulders. But I gotta keep it cute. If the people who have been harassing this lady manage to somehow get her, I won’t deny it. The bitch had it coming. AND I DON’T REGRET SAYING THAT :D

    • The fact that you say she needs Jesus , is a load of bull crap . U just said that u want to knock her out, is that a Christian response ? Have you heard of a little guy named Adolf Hitler? The biggest racist in the world , he was a Christian . So religion has nothing to do with this situation , please keep this shit out of here.

  13. Oh god. Talk about the biggest load of BS known to man. Taking the internet insanity defense. So help us all. “Tweet, tweet” goes the bird in the big black tree.

  14. As a psychiatric social worker who has worked with thousands of people with mental illness for many years, I want to help ease the pain that Jenny’s words caused. Paranoid schizophrenia is one of the most painful and tormenting diseases a human being can have. It is a disease of the brain, very much like there are diseases of the heart or kidneys. The problem with mental illness is that it affects the way a person thinks, feels and acts. The symptoms include hearing threatening and negative voices in the head, believing that someone is out to get you and becoming either very fearful or very aggressive as away of defending yourself, feeling very alone and disconnected from society, depression, and a host of other symptoms that may arise as a result of the disease. The problem is that people suffering from this disease are usually not aware that they are ill and absolutely live and react from this distorted reality, which causes them and their friends and families great harm. Unfortunately there is no cure at this time and the treatments that are available are not consistently able to manage the symptoms.
    When they are not in the throws of the psychosis, people who suffer from schizophrenia can be the most kind, sweet, gentle and loving people you would ever meet. They are very sensitive to other people’s pain and very compassionate. If you saw the movie A Beautiful Mind, you would understand what is going on with Jenny and others suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. It’s a true story about a brilliant mathematician who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. It shows clearly how tortured and terrified this brilliant man became and how it affected his work and his life.
    This is a tragic disease that robs people of their lives and robs society of the contributions they can make with their special talents.
    I hope this brief description will help people understand this kind of mental illness and instead of feeling hurt or angered by Jenny’s words, they can become more compassionate, and find it in their hearts to forgive her.

    • This does nothing to ease the pain that her words have caused. Even black children know what she said. No one believes that a mental illness is responsible for her words. It sounds like an excuse. Jenny Hyun does not deserve anyone’s compassion. I’m sure the friends and family of those with paranoid schizophrenia are appalled that she is using this to avoid being accountable for what she said. Prior to this, no hint of mental illness was ever noted. In her own words, she regrets nothing, she just realizes that she should have kept her views to herself. It takes a lot of hate to call for the genocide of an entire race of people. I am embarrassed that she is Asian. There is a special place for people like her in Hell.

    • Paranoid schizophrenia does not excuse this. Nice try but no cigar. She has to confront and come to terms of what she said. Hiding in a mental hospital is not going to make this situation go away. She always had these feelings and well she felt brave enough to post them. We all have freedom of speech. Now that she’s famous and we all know that she believes in exterminating a whole race of people, its nice to know.
      This little stunt has now made her even more famous, and I mean that in a bad way. You got to be careful of what you post on the internet
      and not hide behind a so called illness. I know people who are Paranoid schizophrenic and they agree with me that this is there is no excuse. Some are offended that Jenny and her family would try to excuse it with schizophrenia.
      Hey own up to what you did, if you think its wrong you, not your family, make a open statement about it. I know there’s a lot of hate out there and it can only be fixed with education not excuses. I hope Jenny
      gets some help and educate herself. Just because one person makes a silly statement does not give the ok to make statements for mass
      genocide, neither does a medical condition.
      I would like for Jenny to get the help that she needs. I want her to calm down. I want her to make a real apology only if she feels that she needs to make it and really feels that she made bad statements and is really sorry for them. Why give a hollow apology and not mean it only to save face. Read up on the subject and learn more about the people you made the hateful statements towards. Think about what you said. You really want to exterminate blacks, you really want to exterminate black children and babies who did nothing to you.

    • hey
      bitch i like what you said about black people you dirty ass hor if it wasnt for white people your people wouldnt be in this country either. an who the fuck are you any way havent even heard of you stupid cunt

    • Ms. ronit herzfeld, I’m an afro-latino man and I understand that Paranoid schizophrenia is a real issue, I don’t want that problem for me and my loved ones, I’m totally ingnorant about this issue, however I have something called common sense and you need to check this situation carefully because you should know that Jenny Hyun is a public person and her racist rant is a very negative point for her carrer, so do you really buy this “apology”?, when you talk about John Forbes Nash (the great mathematician who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia), you say the terrible things who are involved in this illness, but tell me how many people he hurt?, Or when he desired the death of an entire group of people?, believe me, I have heard and read “blacks should be extreminated” several times and those who say that are not schizophrenic, so just face it and don’t hide the things, Racism and other prejudices can’t be justified, we know that blacks have their issues and recognize them can be sometimes difficult, but I need that you can put in our shoes, Is a pity that you could not visit this website before Jenny’s racist rant, in this website there were various post about black people, many of them remarking negative things or mocking us, I’m sorry but I think this is not a clinical issue, this is an smokescreen from someone who knows has just committed a serious error, an advice, never say something with your mind hot, although it may be true, then you regret

    • If she is actually sick, then of course she needs help. Nobody’s denying that. However, you cannot honestly believe that racism is caused by paranoid schizophrenia. Racism is learned behavior, not a mental disease, though the effects of it could possibly cause some health issues. Harboring that much hate is not good for any human. Paranoid schizophrenia may be the reason for her sudden, unprovoked outburst but not for her disgusting view of an entire race of people. Using this debilitating disease as a reason to excuse her wanton bigotry and hypocrisy is horrendous and you know it.
      It’s not for us to forgive and sympathize with her, because unless we’ve seen or experienced this sickness first hand, we can’t truly understand her problem. Once she is rehabilitated, she should take responsibility for her actions instead of hiding behind a medical condition.

    • @ronitherzfeld – thanks for the explanation, but I didn’t see paranoia in her twwets – just pure, unadulterated racism that cant be as conveniently explained away as you tried. And she has to be stupid at the least to denigrate black people in a public forum but make her living as an R&B singer….music created by black people.

      Stop pandering for her. Maybe owning her words and dealing with the consequences willl help her grow and begin to deal with her issues.

    • If she really has paranoid schizophrenia then I hope she can overcome it, but I highly doubt she’s suffering from that disease. She knew what she was tweeting and it’s sad that she feels that way towards a race of people. What Floyd Mayweather tweeted was stupid and he’s an idiot, but because of one persons tweet she wants a whole race to disappear. That’s awful and wicked.

    • @ronitherzfeld Explain all you want to, it’s still unacceptable. It’s not the first time she’s gone on a rant. Knowing that fact, all the staff around her should not let her be on any kind of social sites. Actually, everything you wrote is the exact reason she shouldn’t be on social sites since she can be so easily provoked. If they want her in the public eye like that, then let a sane person manage her social sites. I do hope she and her staff know that actions have consequences. The consequences of her words may not show immediately and they may effect others that have nothing to do with the situation (i.e. other Korean people). Since they know she’s so “mentally” disturbed they should monitor her more.

      @Jenny Hyun & Staff First off, nobody even knew who she was until this rant of stupidity. Which reminds me that she does need a history lesson. Without black people there would be no people since the earliest humans came from Africa. Without black people you wouldn’t have most of the luxuries you now have. Blood banks, potato chips, Laserphaco Probe for cataract surgery, peanut butter, machines for putting shoes together, mailboxes with hinged doors, gas masks, electric lamp, lantern, incandescent light bulbs, on/off light switch, traffic signals, ironing boards, clothes dryers, elevators, automatic gear shifts, improvements for combustion engines, street sweepers, pencil sharpeners, fountain pens, typewriters, printing press, mops, dust pans, sprinkler systems, lawn mowers, air conditioners, heating furnaces, refrigerators, and open heart surgery (just to name a few) are ALL invented by black people. I would love to see how you would do without ALL of these.

      Referring to black people with media stereotypes is equivalent to other races saying all Asians are either from China or Japan, or all Koreans smell like kimchi. It’s complete ignorance. Since your profile says you’re Korean American you should know better. Do you have any idea how ignorant you made yourself look by going on a rant over the words of another ignorant fool like Mayweather? You need to take a lesson in Cultural Sensitivity. You also need to keep in mind that you insulted your fellow Korean celebrities like Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha Reid). I suggest you listen to Yoon Mi Rae’s Black Happiness.

      You also need to do a proper apology because nowhere in those 4 sentences did you actually say “I’m Sorry”, “I Apologize”, or even “I Regret…”. Until those are said I will not take this “apology” seriously. I especially won’t take it seriously since you (or your staff) decided that posting a few songs by black rappers would help the situation. By the way, none of those songs are really listened to and you must have forgotten that the date is on everything posted. It’s quite obvious that you posted those music videos all on the same day and days after your racist rant. Your comment on each video can also be seen as a mockery. You apparently think that all black people talk that way. News flash: RAPPERS DON’T EVEN TALK THAT WAY IN REAL LIFE. A lot of them have never even been to “the hood”. All the listed religions also looks like a mockery.

      I am multiracial and don’t even know all the races I’m mixed with. I do know I’m Black, White, French Creole, and Latina. I acknowledge EVERY race that’s a part of me and aim to learn the history of them all and others. I am currently learning about Korean culture as well. I find your comments about me and my people extremely offensive. And I would also like to add that if you think white Americans are more accepting of Asians you need to remove the veil over your eyes. Have you not seen how Hollywood portrays Asians? Why do you think Americans have so many Asian stereotypes? Most Asians I’ve met segregate themselves from all other races so it makes it harder to learn Asian culture from Asian Americans. That leaves Americans to rely on Hollywood for information. That’s why most Americans think Asians only study, only work, Asian men are sexually in-adequate, Asian women are promiscuous, all Asians are short, and all Asians are bad drivers. That’s how white Hollywood has portrayed Asians.

      I know you want to be treated like a human and so do black people. There are ignorant people in every race. Don’t let yourself continue to be one. While you are so against black people you fail to realize how much Black culture has influenced Korean people. You also fail to realized that Jeremy Lin and most KPOP artists and Korean actors/actresses have a LOT of black supporters. You need to understand that there are bad apples in every race and Mayweather does not speak for every black person in the world. I am so happy that I have the intelligence to know that 1 does not represent all. If I thought like you, I would have anger against all Koreans for your ignorance. I will not hold your actions against other Koreans but I only speak for myself. I will be honest and say I will not support you and will recommend no one else does either. However, I may change my mind IF a proper apology is given. I do hope that you know that until then, all black people will be sure to let their friends and family know not to support you.

      I also hope you actually read this and take it to heart. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • It would be easier to forgive her if it were not so obvious that she’s making this up. If anything, I dislike her even more because she’s using a mental illness that makes lives hard for many people in an attempt to salvage what is left of her “career”.

    • Thank you for posting this message and educating people on this mental illness…I pray people can forgive Jenny for what she said is due to her disease…please forgive…

    • No matter how much she does suffer from that, she picked a terrible time to bring it up! Now, even if it is true, no one will pity or believe her, because of what she’s already said.. So, either way she’s screwed. I’d love to say, if she’s actually sick, hope she gets the treatment she deserves and needs, but she’s ruined kpop for many, not just black people, and that’s not, really, going to change anytime soon..

    • I met a few people who were skitz and they only wanted to hang with me when they were on their natural highs. They really are fun to be with then they are on their bi polar upswings.

  15. there is no way to apologize for something like that-even if in psychosis she just said what was on her mind without filter this woman is the devil! And I’m not even black.

  16. Mental illness is no joke, but that is no excuse for what you said. I hope you recieve the help and treatment you need. I have had schizophrenic friends in the past, but your rant goes above and beyond anything they ever said. You have a right to your opinions, you don’t have to be sorry, but keep in mind not everyone is going to agree with you and you have lost a lot of fans. Then again you probably do not care.

  17. I am sincerely sorry that such a human was born upon this earth. Schizo? I laugh. She is awfully ignorant and I expected more out of her. Getting rid of all African Americans, as far as I am concerned humans in general are the problems not African Americans. There are flaws in every race and that doesn’t excuse Asians. And to react to a twitter comment that way was unnecessary. To assume that everyone is the same, to stereotype us in such a manner disgust me. Does that mean I should stereotype Asians when I know very well that not all of them are the same or exactly like you? Asians are the superior race? I know you believe that. Do you honestly think that any God/Creator made in humans with the intent that one race would be superior. And you call yourself a human. A modern day Hitler. You’re a Christian right? The bible doesn’t teach racism!

    • She is apologizing to her fans that she hurt and the black people who have nothing to do with this. Floyd is a fucking moron. It wouldn’t make since for her to apologize to him.

  18. I know a few paranoid schizophrenics who, when in the THROES of their illness do not spew racist invective. So miss me with that, “Ms. Psychiatric Social Worker”. *side-eye*

  19. The problem is this: many Koreans actually DO think that kind of horrible vitriolic racist nonsense. I was in Korea many years. I know first hand how they most all think of non-Koreans in general, but ESPECIALLY black people as monkies and animals. The bottom line is that some Koreans are the creepiest group of racist nazis that you will ever know. And they absolutely do not apologize for it, they are not interested in changing it — AND — if that weren’t enough, they actually tie their creepy, racist, nazi-esque elitism to the hallowed “Korean culture.” (they thought they were “#1″ when they closed themselves off to the world in the nineteenth century, only to wake up and get occupied by Japan because of their refusal to look outside their delusions of grandeur and perfection)

    And so when Jenny Hyun goes off on a psycho tirade, my concern is this: all that shit that she said comes from *somewhere.* I also have a bi-polar friend. When he has an episode, he gets paranoid about the CIA. He is not spewing creepy racist vitriol all over a race or group of people.

    But Jenny’s *stuff* came from *somewhere.* She may be mentally ill, but the material that she spewed out was easily available and easily spouted. Why? Because Koreans ACTUALLY THINK THAT WAY ABOUT AFRICAN AMERICANS. It’s simple. Not all Koreans think this way of course, but the great majority do.

    It’s creeepy. It’s unfortunate. It’s gross.

    But it’s hight time that Koreans own their racism. They shrug it off even while they decry racism towards them.

  20. This woman has no appreciation to minorities specially to Black Africans where she began her music career. As an Asian Americans, I do not support her behavior in any shape of forms! This is truly a heartbreaking to see in the internet that no matter what ethnic group it is, racial issues will exist. However, it is up to us to make a difference! This is simply an act of stupidity to both Judy and Mayweather. These two should be held accountable. Don’t react to this anymore because it will only promote RACISM!!!!! Let these two morons fight their own battles.

  21. Your blog shows someone who is a person who cares about people and there causes. You seem to want a multicultural world and you seem to have an appreciation of all people by promoting different things here on your website. As a Black American who has a great big love of the Asian People and their Culture, it is saddening to see such harsh words towards any race as a whole. What one person believes or says should not reflect what a race thinks. I have never felt such disgust from words since the first time I was called a Nigger at the age of 14. I hope you can find the decency to stand up on your own to feet and stop leaning on the shoulders of your family and apologize like the grown women that you are. After such remarks it won’t be easy to bounce back but at least it’s a start.

  22. Hello Jenny I want to say to you that what you said about black people was very narrow minded and unethical. I understand Floyd Mayweather may have offended you and im very sorry he had said sonething in that nature about the Asian American community. But to retaliate and say those remarks about the whole black race was very low. Floyd Mayweather dosent represent the whole race of black people. Black people are everyday hard working people like yourself and other races. Don’t let one man being ignorant represent a whole race of people. If you really feel this way in your heart I actually myself feel sorry for you because maybe you were raised this way or you learned this behavior from the media. I personally forgive you because in my religon you can’t hate to get into Heaven. But I can’t forget about what you said.

  23. I personally think when Jenny gets well enough she should go to the media and apologize not from a writng of a speech but from your heart. You can’t live life in hatred thats maybe why you have this disorder. Im sorry for this mental disorder but this HATRED MUST STOP JENNY!!!! Whomever your getting it from or learning it upon hating is self taught and it can make your life a living He11. All i ask is let go of the hate. Not all black people are bad just as i can say for the asian community etc. Black people have there ones and Asians haver there ones but it dosent give us an excuse to hate in entire group for that reason. All I can ask you to do Jenny is to do some soul searching about yourself and realize living this way is not going to make you a better person but only a bitter mean and disgusting peroson

  24. Maybe I could be forgiving if it was a one-off, but she just kept going. I can’t believe that what she was saying was just her “disease” talking. And the thing is I really like the groups she has written songs for, but it makes me wonder if they feel the same way she does. See it’s not just her she’s tarnishing with her words in the end. She let the words of one ignorant man define a whole race of people. I am multiracial, African American being one of the races I am, and I love all people no matter who or what they are. I am happy to hear of anyone getting recognition for the hard work they have done and would have never support the words of the man who offended her. But yet she chose to take it out on me who was innocent in the whole matter since I am of the race she basically wants dead. I really do hope she did not mean those harsh words and perhaps can see that one bad apple does not mean all the fruit on the tree is bad. I hope she is getting the help she needs.

  25. sucks she has an illness but she’s still an awful racist.

    excusing her racist bullshit because she is a paranoid schizophrenic is an insult to paranoid schizophrenics who don’t go on horribly racist tirades in the public domain.

  26. I am all to familiar with the illness because my mother suffered from.. I just find it all to convenient that she is hiding behind this “Mental Illness” to be honest im just not buying it.. I think her words were what was in her heart and they can not be undone. Hate is hate and hate hurts..

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  29. Bipolar disorder doesn’t make people racist. The schizophrenia wasn’t so bad that it kept her from trying to work with famous Black people, crib their style, and name-drop when she wanted something. It wasn’t so bad that her business partner tried to keep her away from those people, lest she be triggered. She could’ve told Mayweather he was a tool and been done with it.

    But she didn’t.

    She was racist before this series of incidents. If she’s genuinely sick, it’s gasoline on the fire, not the spark and kindling that got it started or the fuel that let it burn for so long. I think this is only being framed as “it’s ok, she’s crazy” is because that fire is burning more than the marginalized folks she and her people didn’t care about harming. It’s affecting the bottom line.

  30. An rainbow umbrella in iPhone 4S ad.
    An umbrella and rainbow fabric in CO-ED SCHOOL(남녀공학)-Bbiribbom Bbaeribom.
    An umbrella and kkakji in SNSD-How deep is your love.
    An rainbow umbrella of Younguk Koh in Highkick3

    And my old posting had…

    남몰래 힘든 삶을 살고 계시군요.
    빨리 퇴원하시길 바랍니다.

  31. The Japanese should have finished what they started.

    She forgets that Korean people were shipped off as slaves to Japan and still live in a sub-human existence trying to “pass” for Japanese by using Japanese names.

    She forgets the comfort women.

    She forgets that the only reason why she’s here singing is because american troops saved her from being a Japanese sex slave and that they STILL HATE YOUR GUTS to this day, banning Kpop in Japan.

  32. The Japanese should have finished what they started.

    Jenny Hyun forgets that her family has a Japanese slave name, that they slaughtered your royalty and burned your palaces even turning one into a zoo. She forgtets that the greatest threat to her and her family is NOT black people, but her own crazy North Korean peeps waiting for the right opportunity to use underground tunnels to take over South Korea and turn you all into starving monkeys.


  33. good for her maybe this time instead of hearing people outside of her house roaring their engines they would actually smack her across her face when seen in person! STAY IN A MENTAL WARD!

  34. Her words caused no pain. Just another racist in a world full of racist people. But this is what celebrities do when they say something that can destroy their image: They claim to be physically or mentally ill. They go to sex rehab, alcohol rehab, drug rehab, etc..

    Those tweets came from someone with a clear mind, telling the world how she really feels. You don’t just get racist because you’re having a psychotic episode. But it doesn’t matter because Karma is an unforgiving b.i.t.c.h. and she’s already on the case.

    • Yup! This is why people should be careful of how they treat others. What goes around really does come around. Karma is just like a boomerang.

  35. There is no excuse under the sun for that kind of behavior from someone in the entertainment spotlight or in this lifetime. However, she is an adult and needs to take responsibility for her actions. Someone in her management should have handle this better if she is not able to function for herself.

    How Ironic that she hates black people, but she is making a living off of something they created. You should give them respect. You just LOST a FAN. No excuse.

    I am not buying this lame excuse. Please explain to me how someone can spell, read, write, and function while having a “schizophrenic” episode. It does not “add” up.

    By the way, I am Asian myself.

  36. I do not honestly believe she is paranoid schizophrenic, if this was long documented why was she not in counseling or on medication? It’s too “timed”, it is well known that Koreans hate black people they have a history of racism and extreme racism in their own country and in America, so no, she is just very racist. Now she could be mentally ill, yes, but it did nothing but remove the filter to not say things like this out loud, but I promise you 100% she truly believes every word she says, and sadly so do 500 plus of her fans and SM entertainment as well. Otherwise they would have apologized and stated she does not represent their company, but again, there have been other episodes (though not as out there like this one) and they have said nothing. So obviously they agree with her views. To me, it is sad and disturbing to others who truly suffer from this disorder to lie and say she has it to cover up what she feels. If this were not so, then why one ethnicity? Like I said she could be mentally ill, but that does not excuse her racism, she is racist, period, but if mentally ill, truly, I hope she gets the counseling she should have already gotten a lonnnnng time ago, I truly do. But no excuse for the rant, it was not a mental illness but racism. Again, I am not sure if this is a truth or a cover up, btw if she hates black ppl so much stop covering their songs, stop using their music…..seriously, oh and also, if they were all wiped off the face of the Earth, then she would not ever have had their music to use to get where she is today..haha smdh at this mess. Sit down and get some help and do not under any circumstances enter the public forum again w/o meds, counseling and a handler to help when you do have an “episode”….

  37. I’m sorry, I understand mental illness through my friends mom,but she is racist. It was in her to say what she said and it came out more when her attacks robbed. With all due respect, I’m not convinced or ever will be convinced that she’s not a racist. That is just a cover for her to use

  38. 난 연예인들이나 그쪽 업계 종사자들에 대해서 잘 알지 못해서 악플을 달거나 온라인에서 비난한 적이 단 한번도 없었다. 언론에 나오는 그들의 모습은 극히 빙산의 일부분일테고 내가 성인 군자인 척 그들을 비판할 입장이 안된다고 생각했다. 근데 니가 지껄인 말을 읽어보니 니를 만나보지 않았지만 니 인격이 얼마나 쓰레기같은 수준인지 알겠다. 그리고 보이는 얼굴이 중요한 업계에 종사한다는 인간이 사람들 다 보는 공간에서 그딴식으로 지껄였다는 게 니가 얼마나 멍청한지 증명해준다. 그래, 니가 공개적으로 한 인종을 개만도 못한 존재로 평가절하한것처럼 나도 지금 니를 공개적으로 비난하는거다. 니때문에 상처받은 사람들이 얼마나 많은지 아나? 니때문에 세계에서 동양인의 입지가 얼마나 나빠질지 생각은 안해봤나? 영향력이 있으면 지껄이는말에 필터기를 달라고. 진짜 치가 떨린다. 세상에 사악한 생각을 가진 사람들의 유형이 있는데 아닌 척 하는 사람들, 권력이 있어서 그걸 정당화하고 실현하는 사람들이 있는가하면 니처럼 멍청하게 공개적인 곳에서, 그것도 알려진 사람이 자기 명성을 헤칠 것도 알면서 곧이 곧대로 발표해버리는 사람들이 있다는 걸 처음 알았다. 어찌 보면 사람들이 니 본성을 알게 해줘서 다행일지도 모르겠다. 늦기 전에 몰상식한 행동들을 그만두고 니 악의적인 본성을 사람들한테 감추던가, 정상인의 궤도로 들어오던가 해라. 니를 위해서 하는 말이다 답 없는 인간아.

  39. Sigh. You HAD black fans. Imagine how they felt seeing your tweets. Smh. Atleast your family seems nice because you sure don’t.

  40. There is nothing wrong with her, this is a front to cover up the fact that many saw what she wrote and said. You are what you say and do. Yes, one can change, but do not make excuses for her…..and equate her ingorance with those who are “truly” suffering mental illness. Poor job in trying to cover up this hateful woman. I do pray that God takes her on a different path of compassion, caring and understanding of all people no matter WHAT race. May her “ugly mind” be purified with peace.

  41. She just needs to own up to talking out her A** and going off on a racist rant. I like how you try to justify her screw up. It’s kind of weird to read about all that hatred she spewed out about blacks and then look to the left and see Jay-Z and Wiz Khalifia posts and links. The reason Korean music is amazing IS because of the hip hop fusion it has. If it didn’t then it would be another JPOP scene all candy pop and high pitched music. I hope she gets her stuff together and makes a comeback to music…that would suck to go out the music business because you went full retard on the internet.

  42. Following Jenny on the internet for a long time already of course I noticed her problems. With the same disease in my family, I understand the implications this has for the patient, family and friends. I’m sure they will find the right treatment for Jenny.
    Hope you get well soon.

  43. Wow well its nice to know that she at least didn’t mean all of those comments to with her heart. I’m half black and i actually cried it was really heart breaking for me, it made me feel small but it makes me feel a little better to hear that at least her illness is being taken care of, i really hope she gets better.

    • I most definetly forgive her, i actually feel really bad for her. To have such a painful disease and not even know it, being in physical pain must hurt, but being in mental pain must hurt all the more. I wish there was a cure, seeing nice people makes me cry. I really DO hope she gets better.

  44. I was born in Hungary and used to live in Korea for 5 years .and now I am in america. The thing is , any eastern area where there is little to no racial difference, people are not as open minded , so don’t hold her to a western standard , hold her to an eastern standard . I agree , we are racist to an extent , but that’s because the African American stereo type doesn’t agree with eastern culture at all ! And unlike other ethnicities , African Americans do act stereotypical much more often then other ethnicities.

  45. No one is perfect. No one. Those who are casting stones will face a bigger judge. No one lives without sin. I hope your talent returns to you and whatever you suffer from subsides and you can learn to live and love again. That goes for Jenny too.

  46. I’m hispanic and as a charity worker I’ve met people from all over the world and almost all of them have the same opinion about blacks (well.. at least the ghetto-gangta ones ) : foul, lazy, ignorant, primitive, uneducated and very inclined to crime. I’ve personally heard this from other Hispanics as well as Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis and even Jews.

    I believe she’s totally entitled of expressing her own opinions and it’s horrifying to know that she has been threatened to death becauseof this..

    We’re truly living in a Orwellian State. We can’t defy the status quo because if we do…

    Paranoid schizophrenic…reaaaly ?

    It’s Political Correctness gone absolutely mad.

  47. So other than being absolutely true – what was wrong with what she said? Love ya and best wishes, Jenny! “Truth never comes into the world but like a bastard, to the ignominy of him that brought her birth.” — Milton

  48. Why did you just say that your account was hacked and someone else posted that racist rant? This whole thing would have just blown over you fucking nitwit.

  49. when i read your hateful comments i was actually hurt. i enjoyed your music and a few years back purchased one of your Cd’s online. To know that you would hate me for the color of my skin and not for the person that i am is truly upsetting. I for one do not believe your claims of paranoid schizophrenia i see this as a sad attempt for you to cover your ass. You let the comments of a hateful man get the better of you but to go on a white supremacist type rant against the whole race that’s unforgivable. You’re Korean and you’ve said disgusting things but at least i know not all Koreans are like you and thank god for that.

  50. You are a very sad lady and I hope that you retire from the public eye so that children do not learn from you and grow up to be like you… as for the people you write music for I hope that they know as long as they continue to sing her songs it is almost as if they are supporting her. I am a fan of korean culture however, I can only take so many jabs from the korean entertainment business directed at my culture in an attempt to amuse themselves and others…. Please stop using ignorance as an excuse for everything and either educate yourselves,remain silent, or stay out of the public eye.

  51. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6

    God bless you, girl. Keep strong.

  52. I just wanted to check up on you and see if you were doing okay. I hope you can pull through this. Like I said it won’t be easy but you have a deep enough faith to get through this. Hwaiting!!!

  53. I am not here to bash you. BUT I do hope you see how ignorant and stupid you as well as Floyd were being. I would first like to say that just because ONE person from a certain race is being racist against you does NOT mean you have to stoop to their LOW level of thinking. You could have replied to Floyd INTELLIGENTLY. You are a beautiful women but what you said was VERY disgusting and dirty. When I think about the tweets you wrote you don’t seem as beautiful as you once did before. I would like to go over a couple of tweets you wrote. I am not in any way trying to bash you OR disrespect you, BUT I hope I can help you to understand that some of the things you said were not logical at all. In one tweet you said: ” The only way black people are able to advance in any way is through white people. It kind reminds me of a little something called slavery.” I have a problem with what you just said. I took United States History, World History, African History AND I am currently in the middle of taking African American History. If you knew ANYTHING about SLAVE History then you would know that slavery was NOT to help (and did not help) blacks “advance” in any way! Let me explain to you what I mean. Most of the black slaves came from West Africa. Before they enslaved blacks they FIRST enslaved the Native Americans. But the only problem they had with enslaving Native Americans was that their bodies could not properly fight off European disease’s. So as a result many Native American’s would end up VERY sick and many actually died because of it. Later they found out that they could profit more by enslaving African’s. Thousands of African’s were sent to the Southern colonies of America as well as the Caribbeans.(Basically to make a VERY long story short) The only reason African’s were enslaved in the first place was to help the Europeans advance and profit. So basically the Europeans were using Africans as slaves for their own personal gain. You have to remember that Africa back then was NOTHING like it is today. BEFORE slavery in Africa took place, there were Kingdoms in Africa that were already wealthy. There were many lands that was filled with Gold & Oil. It wasn’t until AFTER thousands of Africans were captured for slavery that Africa begin to slowly deteriorate. Most races on earth today were slaves at some point in history. But the only thing that makes AFRICAN SLAVERY so bad was the fact that it was mostly “justified” by racism. It seems like the more time passed the more African’s were being held not only because they could help build America and help so many Europeans profit but because they were black. Now I know what you are thinking.I know you are wondering why I haven’t touch on the fact that African’s owned other African’s as slaves. This is TRUE. BUT with that being said African’s did NOT sell and trade nearly as many slaves that the Europeans captured!
    The only reason they picked AMERICA and other places to send the slaves too was because they knew that the Africans would be in a unfamiliar territory, and because they were in unfamiliar territory’s (America) instead of their home land (Africa) the Europeans knew that there would be no way they could escape or run. This is another reason why the Europeans could not hold Native American’s as slaves. The Native’s were the FIRST people to come to America and America was their home, therefore the Natives could run,escape, and KNOW where they were headed to. But because the African’s were foreigner’s they knew they could have more trouble escaping. (You get it?)
    This is a quote I found in a American High School African American History Book:
    “To live in Virginia without slaves is morally impossible. Before our troubles you could not hire a servant or slave for love or money, so that unless robust enough to cut wood, to go to mill,to work at the hoe, etc.., you must starve.” – Peter Fontaine, Letter to Moses Fontaine, 1757

    To be very frank about it, America would be nearly nothing today if it wasn’t for the help of slaves. Many African slaves help to literally build America up to what it is. Some of the largest cities that’s in America today had the help of slaves working to build it up.

    The funniest thing about all of this was when you tweeted about how you don’t hate blacks. What would you call it exactly? You basically said that all blacks need to die, we look like monkeys, go back to Africa, we are uneducated, and we remind you of a deadly disease but that’s not racist or hatred? (really?) You are no better than Floyd May Weather if you respond to his racist comments with racist comments. I feel very sorry for you. You can’t seem to see people for how they are in their hearts. You can’t get past the color of the skin and the ethnicity of a person. That is TRULY sad. You really have a cold heart to ask..”was Whitney Houston that much of a loss?” Only a cold hearted person could say somethign like that. Death is NOT a joke, it is not funny. That was someone’s daughter, someone mother, someones friend, someones love. It don’e matter what race she is! I really hate to say this but I really hope you get fired and never sell anything or get any credit for anything ever again your life. There is no room on this planet for people like you. We have enough CRAP going on without more people adding to it. What you said was VERY foolish, stupid, ignorant, and brainless. What you said was unjustifiable! You can’t justify childish behavior like yours. It’s impossible.I LOVE Korean pop, I LOVE the Korean culture and I would never stop loving it. If you think for a minute that your “race” is God’s and that the entire would should bow down to you then you are really kidding yourself. I really hope you get the help you need. You are in the wrong business if you have those type of anger issues. And I’m sorry to hear about you “being in the hospital” but to be truthful I don’t really believe this whole apology thing. This isn’t even a real apology. Maybe you should upload a video on YouTube and apologize. That would be more believable.

    -From a Black American <3

  54. i can relate. last year, i was engaged to be married. then, during sleep, i had a stroke and woke up gay. i totally understand why she said and did so many things that seem wrong. now i can understand that loving a woman and getting married is wrong for me. but before my stroke, i wasn’t responsible for my actions. we must all forgive jenny for everything she ever said or did because it wasn’t the real person.

  55. Still waiting to see if you’re getting over this. If you read all the comments above, you see how ‘humane’ some of the obviously black posters are. Everything you said was true, As Orwell said…”During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”…Look @ the news…blacks are on a rampage, ‘justifying’ their behavior by saying its ‘revenge’ for Trayvon. .Attacking completely innocent people..Yes, their behavior is that of rabid dogs. Oh well…Just hoping your life is on the path you chose, not one ‘paved’ for you by others…K.C.

  56. Love you, Jenny! Even when you were being racist I still loved you! Nothing wrong with a bit of honesty! Fuck the haters.

  57. Dear Jenny,
    I hope and pray that you get better. I saw on one of your journal entries dating back two years ago that your mom has schizophreniac and you guys were going to the psychiatric hospital for treatment and you were unsure that you had it. I know, I’m not gonna lie, I was pissed at you at first because I was in the middle being Japanese/African-American and a fan of Girls Generation…but my heart and thoughts have changed. I really want you to get better. I’m going to continue to pray for you and I KNOW you’ll get better. Girls Generation isn’t the same without you. I’m sure all of your fans miss you, girl! Hurry and get better. :)

    And people on here, please stop with the racist rants. It’s childish and there’s no need for it. I understand your anger because reading all of these comments has made me upset as well. Being angry and arguing with each other doesn’t help.

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